About The Ecstatic Art and Theater Project

Established in Seattle, Washington, in January 2004, the Ecstatic Art and Theater Project is dedicated to the promotion of sacred art, literature, and the many forms of music and the performing arts that inspire, educate, and enrich our lives.

The sponsorship of local and international artists enables EATP to produce educational, multi-media performance series, exhibits and presentations that can serve as a catalyst for creative engagement between the major ideas and forces that shape contemporary societies.

We explore interdisciplinary territory. We encourage uniquely integrated visual art, theater, music, dance and literature that embraces elements from widely divergent art forms.

In partnerships with art and academic organizations throughout the region, EATP sponsors educational events and multi-media productions of both traditional and contemporary art forms from many cultures.

Through the lectures, conferences, concerts, theater, exhibits and publications we sponsor, it is our intention to serve the creation of a diverse and living interchange, and the "sacred space" that is so necessary to the development of a truly human civilization.

How to Participate

We invite you to join in the process of re-discovering the ecstatic in art by:

 Subscribing to our free Newsletter

 Attending and participating in our Events

 Linking your arts organization to ours

 Co-sponsoring presentations, exhibits and related literature

 Becoming a member of EATP by contributing to our organization

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